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Course Details

Course: ASP.NET MVC With SQL Server Package Course

Course Duration: 72 Hours
No. Of Class: 24
Regular Course Fee: 30000.00 Tk
Current: 21000.00 Tk (30.00% Off)
Course type: Online & Offline

Module 1: Overview and Introduction

• Overview of the environment • About Web Design and Development • About Features of ASP.NET MVC

Module 2: OOP Features of C#

• Encapsulation • Inheritance • Polymorphism

Module 3: Microsoft SQL Server

• Table Creation • Queries Execution (Select, insert, delete, update) • Database Normalization • Database design and Establish relationship among tables

Module 4: Database Connection with MVC Project

• Establish Database Collection with Project • Explanation of Models, Views and Controller • Views creation with Action links (Using HTML & CSS)

Module 5: CRUD Operations

• Create Operation • Update Operation • Calendar Date Fixing with JQuery UI • Delete Operation

Module 6: Image File handle

• Image Insert into Database and Server • Image Update • Image delete

Module 7: Website & Web Management Views

• Multiple web mode Creation • Advance HTML & CSS Element implementation

Module 8: Validation with Java Script and JQuery

• Input validation • Select validation • Alert function call according to the action • Number validation and Auto Generation • Email Address or Contents availability check

Module 9: Responsive web design with AJAX

• AJAX function call with JQuery operation • Multiple selector passing into the Controller using AJAX • Linq Query Execution • Web API Creation with JSON Data • Data binding at the front end side using AJAX

Module 10: Customize Model for Tables

• Avoiding Circular data path Errors • Customize Model creation for replacing normalization Id. • Multiple tables’ combination as a model

Module 11: Layout Page Modification

• Linkage of Style and java Script • Multiple Layout Creation • Multiple Layout Connection

Module 12: Form Authentication & Authorization

• User registration Creation • Login/sign in operation • Logout/Sign out operation • Multiple Users Login & Logout • Password Case sensitive

Module 13: Roles Implementation

• Roles fixing for Users • Roles implementation for Users • Different panel open according to the Roles

Module 14: Actions, Views and Menu Control using Roles

• Authorization with Roles • View Control with Roles • Partial Content Privacy Control • Partial Menu Control with Roles

Module 15: RDLC Reports

• Static and Dynamic RDLC Reports • Dynamic RDLC Reports with Images

Module 16: Website Deployment/Publish Publicly

• Database Upload in a public server • Website publish in a public domain • Web Management Publish in a public domain • RDLC Reports upload • Images upload

Module 17: Testing & Maintenance

• Testing • Website & Web Management Back up • Microsoft SQL Server Database Back up • Microsoft SQL Server Database Update

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