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Course Details

Course: ASP.NET MVC with SQL Server (Basic Course)

Course Duration: 36 Hours
No. Of Class: 15
Regular Course Fee: 20000.00 Tk
Current: 5000.00 Tk (75.00% Off)
Course type: Online

Module 1: Overview and Introduction

1. Overview of the environment 2. About Web Design and Development 3. About Features of ASP.NET MVC

Module 2: OOP Features of C#

1. Encapsulation 2. Inheritance 3. Polymorphism

Module 3: Microsoft SQL Server

1. Table Creation 2. Queries Execution (Select, insert, delete, update) 3. Database Normalization 4. Database design and Establish relationship among tables

Module 4: Database Connection with MVC Project

1. Establish Database Collection with Project 2. Explanation of Models, Views and Controller 3. Views creation with Action links (Using HTML & CSS)

Module 5: CRUD Operations

1. Create Operation 2. Update Operation 3. Calendar Date Fixing with JQuery UI 4. Delete Operation

Module 6: Validation with Java Script and JQuery

1. Input validation 2. Select validation 3. Alert function call according to the action

Module 7: Responsive web design with AJAX

1. AJAX function call with JQuery operation 2. Multiple selector passing into the Controller using AJAX 3. Linq Query Execution 4. Web API Creation with JSON Data 5. Data binding at the front end side using AJAX

Module 8: Layout Page Modification

1. Linkage of Style and java Script 2. Multiple Layout Creation 3. Multiple Layout Connection

Module 9: Form Authentication & Authorization

1. User registration Creation 2. Login/sign in operation 3. Logout/Sign out operation

Module 10: Website Deployment/Publish Publicly

1. Database Upload in a public server 2. Website publish in a public domain

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